CHARGED UP is a high cardio, glow in the dark, Caribbean and Hip Hop dance fitness party designed to burn fat and engage muscles. All routines are combined with plyometric exercises for a total body workout. On average, students reach over 6000 steps of movement in each one hour class..

LCHARGED UP classes present a vibrant and exciting new way of mixing FITNESS with FUN to ATTACK THE FAT. Classes are lead by the highly energetic founder and Lead Charger Ciji with live music from the fan favorite DJ Melle Mel.Charged Up visits gyms, dance studios, schools, private parties etc. and brings the full dance and fitness experience to your front door.

  • *Never Basic* Monthly Membership
  • $40.00
  • Includes UNLIMITED access to Charged Up & reCharged classes (Exclusive to classes held on Mondays, and Wednesdays) *Special Events or additional classes NOT included*
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